Archives: February 2011

Why Worry When You Can Panic


I’m a sucker for the word “panic,” and with good reason. I’m in love with 6 men from Georgia, collectively known as Widespread Panic. Many call them Widespread; many more call them Panic. They’re a rockin’, slammin’ southern rock jam band from Athens; I’ve been to 115+ shows, and their bluesy, rock riffs just keep getting better! When most think “panic” is a bad thing, I experience it as just the opposite. Thousands of fans groovin’ and movin’ riding half notes and full notes to a rapturous high. Just 4-5000 of my closest friends, dancing our problems away, letting the anxiety and fear fade, trusting all our questions will be answered. Yes, why worry when you can Panic?

I’ve only had one panic attack in my life. I couldn’t breath, I almost passed out. It was so scary that just the thought of having a panic attack makes me–PANIC! Who likes feeling so out of control?! I thank Michael Houser, original guitarist for WP known for his panic attacks, for my new perspective. Rumor has it (according to TEWSY, The Earth Will Swallow You) Mikey said, “If we’re going to be known as Panic, I’d rather be known as Widespread Panic.” Together, he and the band put his/their fears behind them and today there are hundreds of thousands of fans who are lifted by their music.

Panic at the thought of doing a thing is a challenge to do it.  ~Henry S. Haskins

Michael Houser lived Haskin’s quote. And because he did, I can too. With any thought of fear, anxiety, or emotional discomfort, I just put on the Widespread Panic and dance!

Feeling Like Spring


Me: I feel like a spring.

BF: You mean like water?

Me: No.

BF: Like the season?

Me: No.

BF:  Like a twisty metal one?

Me: THAT’s the one.

It was late, my boyfriend and I were driving home from the airport. He’d picked me up after a short two-day jaunt to Kansas City to visit one of my clients. I was wired all right–twisted up tight with excitement. I’d just been through orientation with National Seminars–the premier training company for corporate employees, government workers, and individual entrepreneurs. I trained a number of topics for them from 2003 through 2006: How to be a Great Communicator, Effective Business Writing, The Grammar Guide, Creative Marketing Conference, The Women’s Conferences.

Beginning early April, I’ll be training National Seminars’ newest seminar, Social Media Marketing. Communication has taken a technological turn and the world has been united. Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, You Tube, and countless other sites) are changing how we talk to each other, our customers, and the world.

According to Brian Solis, Principal of FutureWorks, “Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.”  Given my soc and psych background, it’s a revolution I want to be part of–and National Seminars is on the cutting edge, letting me lead the way.