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Chase Your Dreams: Lead Your Dreams

Chase Your Dreams: Lead Your Dreams

Why follow your dreams when you can chase them? Why chase your dreams when you can lead them?


I like that you can “chase” a dream, as opposed to “follow.” Sometimes followers lag behind; can be thought of as slow. Chasers, on the other hand, move at a faster pace…and when chasing a dream, the faster the better. Most people want to catch a dream quickly.  


But why do either, follow or chase, when you can take charge of the dream and “lead”? Notice I didn’t say “take control,” I said “take charge.” Control is an illusion. We think we have it, but what we really have are “outcomes.” And outcomes happen whether you’re in control or not.


“Leading” is a category and mind-set of its own. Set a direction on a dream, set an intent, and a desired outcome; help propel yourself towards it. Imagine the outcome, see yourself doing the work; let life work with you to help you succeed.



The quicker, the better.