Do Yoga–3x a week!


The best way to do yoga3x a week.


   It’s a commitment thing really.

   If you’ve done yoga, you’re probably nodding your head, but if you never have, you just don’t know…

   There is real growth in all that stretching; not just your body, but your mind. It’s like the brain cells elongate with the stretching of the body cells. I reach over my head in Vrksasana (Tree Pose) and I feel every part of my brain expand. I’m able to think farther.


   Goodbye stinkin’ thinkin’ and hello brighter tomorrow. A better tomorrow. And that’s just from one class!


   Imagine what good I could do with that kind of positive vibe 3 times a week! Why wouldn’t I want to do it 7 times a week?!!


   (Yes, I know, a body needs rest. And so does a brain.)


   3 times a week…it’s like compound interest on good vibes, where the principle keeps increasing and so does your well-being.


   The best way to do yoga? 3 times a week, this week, next week, and every week after.


   Who knows where a good stretch could lead me?  😉

Human Being: Just Add Water




New Year’s Resolutions, 2013: 


No. 1           Just Add Water


A woman’s body is 50% water; a man’s body 60%.

Your brain can be up to 75% water—a literal sponge!


Water is vital to all of our bodily functions. It plumps up our cells, lubes our joints, regulates our body temp, carries oxygen and nutrients to every cell of our body, assists with vital chemical processes, and flushes out waste and toxins.


Water helps us lose weight, restore balance, and feel satisfied.


Water nourishes from the inside out and replenishes from the outside in. There’s nothing like a swim to energize body and spirit, or a soak in a warm bath to soothe and relax a bruised psyche. Its cleansing affect can be felt by both skin and brain.


My son, Kyle, a Cross Fit advocate, uses this equation to determine his daily intake of water:


½ your body weight in ounces + 10 ounces for every ½ hour of exercise = daily water intake


Me? Just a glass or two more will make all the difference. It’s time to add water—and grow!


If You Stumble … Dance!

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If you stumble make it part of the dance.If You Stumble Make it Part of the Dance

   If you stumble? When you stumble, because we all do, just make it part of the dance; just keep your feet moving. Chances are no one saw any way, or if they did, they didn’t realize you missed a step. Very few of us walk around in synchronized groups being judged—unless you’re part of a cheer squad or Olympic swim team.

   People are usually so busy watching their own steps they barely notice others’. Unless it’s a big stumble, or a true fall, then hopefully someone will notice and extend a helping hand up.

   But if not, and you fall on your face, just pretend you were doing the worm.