Leave a Buck Brings Good Travel Karma


Home in Colorado, watching the snow fly from the comfort of my own office chair, I KNOW leaving a buck behind paid off. Over 5200 flights canceled, millions of travelers stranded (plane, trains, and automobiles), 650,000 in the Northeast without power, 15 deaths L … and I made it home. As Nemo, pummeled the East Coast; I made it home. *

Is there a direct correlation? Probably not; but the common law of averages might apply. I was lucky to be training in Texas when the storm went through. Given my travel schedule I could just have easily been on the East Coast at the time. The odds were 50-50. Luck of the schedule-and Mother Nature’s will-found me in Houston.

I flew United out of Houston on a humungous plane and arrived exactly as scheduled at 8:52. I was only minutes from home (about 120 and counting). I’d been gone two weeks and as fabulous as it was, it was time to be home.

Did leaving a buck behind bring good travel karma? Well I know for sure it didn’t hurt!


*  A big shout out to all my peeps on the East Coast. All y’all okay? You dug out yet? Hope you all stayed warm. J