Good or Bad–It’s All God

Once we reach the mountain top, when the race has been won, after the debts have been cleared, when the birthing pains are over, we proudly stand and declare–this is good, this must be of God!

When we are gasping for air on a spiral ride down, hitting the wall on the run, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and struggling to bring new life into the world, we raise our fists and declare–this is bad, this must be God’s test, this must be of the Devil. We see “good” as coming from God and “bad” as coming from a different source.

Good–bad, day–night, rich–poor, top of the mountain–down in the valley, at the beginning–middle–or end of the race–it’s all God. It’s not “one thing” or “another.” There is no “either or.” All of it, the experience of it, it’s God.

How we label it is up to us.