The Meaning of H-O-P-E


Hope for a better tomorrow.

Let me interrupt this normally scheduled writing session to pass along this message of hope. H-O-P-E.

Hold On Pain Ends.

I’ve never heard this acronym before. I’m seeing it tonight for the first time. Hold On Pain Ends. It stopped me in my tracks. I stumbled on this quote tonight in a random google search. No, I wasn’t searching for hope. And I’m not in a depression or funk. I’m busy as crazy, doing what I love, and loving doing it, crazy as that sounds.

I actually clicked my way to it with a “quotes about Pinterest” search. Mixed in with quotes about the social media platform, Pinterest, were quotes that were also being posted on Pinterest.

There have been times in my life that hope has eluded me. And without hope, I wasn’t able to move forward in love and joy, or at all. I was stuck. Without hope, I was sad and depressed. And in pain.

“The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar there’ll be sun.” We all know that song quote. It’s so popular and relevant that the song is being heard by a whole new generation with the remake of the comic strip, book, broadway musical, and now movie, Annie. It’s such a beautiful message—of hope. Things will get better.

I wrote once that H-O-P-E stands for Hold On People Everywhere. That’s still valid. Hope is a waiting game. A game of patience, where sometimes you think the pain will never end. HOPE knows there are better days ahead. Pain-free days.  Little Orphan Annie says it could be as early as tomorrow!

Let’s HOPE (hold on pain ends) it will be soon; because HOPE (hold on people everywhere) is good for us all. 

Westjet Christmas Miracle

Westjet Christmas Miracle

Westjet Christmas Cheer

With Christmas 2015 around the corner, I can’t wait to see what the folks at Westjet have in store. It’ll be hard to beat last year’s heart-moving, hope-igniting story, but can’t wait to see them try. Click this link for five minutes of cheer: Westjet Christmas Miracle.

Oh, and if Santa asks me what I want for Christmas? College tuition for the kids. And world peace. 🙂

RIP Robin Williams: the Joke’s on Us

Robin Williams


I want this to be a joke. An impractical joke on us. But it’s not. …

Or…maybe it is?

What if Robin Williams knew more than us?

He was certainly more talented than most of us. And those who knew him can’t speak highly enough of his compassionate heart. Maybe he really did come from another planet, and his mission here is up? He’s like Truman who just walked out of one world and into the next. In sports vernacular, he got called-up by the Majors.

Just maybe, then, the joke would be on us.

“Comedy is acting out optimism,” he said. And quite often tragedy proceeds comedy. It’s one harsh reality of this world.

But, maybe Robin Williams is waiting on the other side; waiting for the day we arrive. Robin Williams, now an angel, welcoming each of us at the pearly gates in a character and voice improvised on the spot, with a punchline we never saw coming.

That’s how I prefer to see it. The joke’s on us. And the punchline is yet to come.

Oh Captain, my Captain. Your spirit lives on. Thank you for your brilliance.