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A Thanksgivukkah Mash-Up


  A Thanksgivukkah Mash-Up

   Thanksgiving and Hanukkah have collided.


   I’m paraphrasing an article in USA Today siting the rare convergence of the traditional “festival of eating” with the “festival of lights.” The newspaper called it Thanksgivukkah. The article highlighted the relevance of the new holiday to retail sales, but I’m interested from a cultural perspective.


   This combining of words is a telling trend in today’s mash-it-all-together, create-a-new-word-for-it generation. The dictionary calls that linguistic maneuver a portmanteau:  a word formed by blending sounds from two or more distinct words and combining their meanings. Lewis Carroll was the first to write about it in Through the Looking-Glass, in 1871. Since then it’s been done thousands of times and frequents our everyday language; take “brunch” for instance, the combination of “breakfast” and “lunch.”


    It’s more than simply combining words, however. The new word usually represents the best parts of the original two words and, when combined, is exponentially better—expanding and capitalizing off two ideas as opposed to one. Who would argue that lazy weekend morning aren’t better thanks to brunch? 


   In the case of Thanksgivukkah, it’s the blending of people, cultures and traditions that creates true meaning behind the new word. It’s a respectful mixing of behaviors and beliefs that honors both distinct holidays. Thanksgivukkah represents two sides coming together to form a synergistic approach to celebration–and life! A distinctual (portmanteau intended: “distinct” mashed into “instinctual”) meme to this generation and time.


   Let Thanksgivukkah 2013 be just the beginning! It’s time to combine tried-and-true ideas with new-to-the-market technologies. It’s time to bring opposing forces together and create something even better than the two wholes. It’s time to mash-up all areas and avenues of our lives to move the world forward.


   This Thanksgivukkah week we move it forward in peace, celebration, and appreciation.

2012 Major Funkin’ Ragin’ B’Niz Plan

2012 Major Funkin’ Ragin’ B’Niz Plan

Here’s my 2012 Business Plan written earlier this year. I got a chuckle from reading it and have no recall of writing it.

If you need help with a Mission Statement or Action Plan, model this. It’ll get you thinking. Feel free to customize, homogenize, harmonize your thoughts with mine. Declare a fresh start for 2013.

But remember, there’s PLENTY of 2012 left. Enjoy every last sunrise, snowflake, and note.

A Major Funkin’ Ragin’ B’niz Plan

By Lindee Brauer And Company 

I am the courageous, outrageous, sagacious, and loquacious Lindee Brauer.

I think like a writer and write like a thinker. 

I observe, I shape, I question, I dig deeper, I search, I listen for, I recognize, and I celebrate both the diversity and commonality of people

I share what I’ve learned in a quirky, casual style honoring and giving tribute to the people and obstacles that have made me strong and wise.

I know love, good and wonderful surprises exist in all things and for all people and I tap into the unlimited supply the Universe has to offer me.

I am relaxed, peaceful, and trusting. All things happen for me and to me in Divine Time.

I give praise and thanks daily for my Angel Entourage and embrace their help always and all ways.

When I get stuck or scared I reach out to help others and calm and release myself from all fears in the process.

I write daily with purpose and direction.

My current venues include:

Douche Bag Wisdom

Lindee Brauer blog

Zelda Zingari novel

Doggie Bag Wisdom: What’s Left Over

            Training Facebook Marketing is a divine calling and gift. National Seminars is my best client and I do my best to represent them how they would like to be represented. I follow their rules and guidelines and get involved in their discussions.

            I do my best to stay current on the latest teachings of Facebook. I embrace their changes and gladly relay them to the seminar participants. I work daily to deliver an educational, entertaining training that meets the needs of all. I make myself available for additional help when they need it.

            Facebook training is an ideal part-time job which finances my writing efforts and career. Within the next 3 years, the majority of my income will come from writing projects. I continue to travel and train because I enjoy it and the people.

            I have love in my life. And until that lover shows up, I am the love in my life. So there.



PsychoGeometrics: Sunday Morning Breakfast

PsychoGeometrics: Sunday Morning BreakfastImagine a typical Sunday morning. Breakfast is on the mind of each of the communication styles, Squares, Triangles, Circles, and Squiggles. A simple suggestion of “going out for breakfast” gets different reactions:

Creatures of habit and ritual, Boxes (because “Square” makes some people uneasy), Boxes awake at their normal time and begin their customary routine: bathroom time, grooming time. If you’re going to disrupt the routine, now is the time to interject.

Cue the Triangle and the Squiggle

Triangles most usually have a Sunday morning agenda–a list of projects longer than the day, and mentally they’ve already finished breakfast and begun the first task. In reality they haven’t eaten their first bite. They’ll have breakfast at home, if they can delegate the task to you, or just get it themselves on their way to Home Depot. Triangles really don’t care whether you go out to eat or stay in—–as long as you do it FAST!

Squiggles, having declared loudly their intent to sleep until noon, suddenly pop awake at 7 and are out of bed with the chickens. Like Triangles, they have a few things on the “to do” list, that probably includes Circles, but be certain the day is about fun and people–and fun. Breakfast down the road is a great idea and the Squiggle is probably the one that suggested it. Unless he/she sleeps til noon.

Circles could be just as apt to issue a breakfast invitation as a Squiggle, and chances are they have a standing Sunday morning play date, and usually with old friends and family. Or a Circle will be the one whompin’ up biscuits for a sleepy crew. And if a Circle takes time to make breakfast, you’ll find the finishing touches–pretty plates, the newspaper and a small trinket–evidence of their affection. Or the Circle might just take a kitchen break and suggest a nearby restaurant. They will take care of those around them, rest assured.

In the meantime, with the Triangle out the door, the Squiggle and the Circle round up the accessories or the kids. The Square is just now catching on, and they have questions: Where are we going? What do they serve? How far away is it? Do we have gas in the car? Did you know gas is $4.00/gallon? When did you want to leave… They haven’t committed to going to breakfast yet.

A typical Sunday morning breakfast with the shapes.