The Power of Kind Words

nice words, kind words

Use nice, kind words to create your reality.

Our words create our reality. That is the power of language.


Magicians know this. They say “abracadabra,” which is an Aramaic word meaning “I will create as I speak.” Their words have transformative properties. They then pull a rabbit out of their hat…or disappear. Aramaic, by the way, is the original language of Jesus. And speaking of Jesus…


Christians pray. They pray for good things to happen; they pray for healing. They use their words to communicate with the Divine to ask for what they want. They pray it into being. In same cases, whatever the problem, they have to #prayitaway.

Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers and success coaches use positive affirmations to set and reach goals: Today I joyfully reach my goal of speaking to ten people. Repeating affirmations daily keeps attention and focus on activities that allow them to reach their stated goals.

It doesn’t matter what you call it–magic words, prayer, affirmations–speaking our desires out loud moves our energy and our being closer to attaining what we desire.

Many people spend more time thinking about and talking about what they DON’T want. That’s what worry is–a prayer for what you don’t want. If you’re going to spend time focused on the future, why not think and talk about what you WANT to have happen. Speak whatever that is into being.

Helping Others and Helping Ourselves

If I’m not in a great headspace; if I’m feeling unkind and hypercritical of myself; if I have a hard time focusing on what I do want, I often start thinking of the most important people in my life: my sweetheart, my babies, my folks, my sibs, my friends. Sometimes it’s easier using my words to create a great life for them. I pray for them, their partners and friends, for joy to come their way. I use nice words, kind words.

Once I show kindness to others it’s easier to use nice words on myself and create a kinder reality for all I encounter.

Today I pray that all my words are kind words, nice words. #Amen #abracadabra


2012 Major Funkin’ Ragin’ B’Niz Plan

2012 Major Funkin’ Ragin’ B’Niz Plan

Here’s my 2012 Business Plan written earlier this year. I got a chuckle from reading it and have no recall of writing it.

If you need help with a Mission Statement or Action Plan, model this. It’ll get you thinking. Feel free to customize, homogenize, harmonize your thoughts with mine. Declare a fresh start for 2013.

But remember, there’s PLENTY of 2012 left. Enjoy every last sunrise, snowflake, and note.

A Major Funkin’ Ragin’ B’niz Plan

By Lindee Brauer And Company 

I am the courageous, outrageous, sagacious, and loquacious Lindee Brauer.

I think like a writer and write like a thinker. 

I observe, I shape, I question, I dig deeper, I search, I listen for, I recognize, and I celebrate both the diversity and commonality of people

I share what I’ve learned in a quirky, casual style honoring and giving tribute to the people and obstacles that have made me strong and wise.

I know love, good and wonderful surprises exist in all things and for all people and I tap into the unlimited supply the Universe has to offer me.

I am relaxed, peaceful, and trusting. All things happen for me and to me in Divine Time.

I give praise and thanks daily for my Angel Entourage and embrace their help always and all ways.

When I get stuck or scared I reach out to help others and calm and release myself from all fears in the process.

I write daily with purpose and direction.

My current venues include:

Douche Bag Wisdom

Lindee Brauer blog

Zelda Zingari novel

Doggie Bag Wisdom: What’s Left Over

            Training Facebook Marketing is a divine calling and gift. National Seminars is my best client and I do my best to represent them how they would like to be represented. I follow their rules and guidelines and get involved in their discussions.

            I do my best to stay current on the latest teachings of Facebook. I embrace their changes and gladly relay them to the seminar participants. I work daily to deliver an educational, entertaining training that meets the needs of all. I make myself available for additional help when they need it.

            Facebook training is an ideal part-time job which finances my writing efforts and career. Within the next 3 years, the majority of my income will come from writing projects. I continue to travel and train because I enjoy it and the people.

            I have love in my life. And until that lover shows up, I am the love in my life. So there.



Something Wonderful Will Happen to Me

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Something Wonderful Will Happen to Me

 “I believe something wonderful is going to happen to me today.”

I’ve heard Sandra Smith, motivational comedienne and president of Aspire Seminars, start her seminar day many times with this mantra. On many occasions I joined her in singing it at the top of our lungs:

“I believe something wonderful is going to happen to me today.”

Doesn’t it just make you feel positive, expectant, and hopeful?!

“I believe something wonderful is going to happen to me today.”

Yes, I can just feel it.  

And even more, I believe PEOPLE are often the bearers of these wonderful things that are going to happen to me today.  A smile from a stranger, an “atta girl” from a colleague, a free piece of cheesecake just because someone felt generous. When something wonderful happens to me, it usually happens through people. Some days, even angels come disguised as people; aka the gentleman who fixed my flat tire. People fill my life with joy.  

I’m amending my mantra:

“I believe some ONE wonderful is going to happen to me today.”

Hmmm, I think this will work. Say it with me:

“I believe some ONE wonderful is going to happen to me today. “

“I believe some ONE wonderful is going to happen to me today.”

I believe it.

Do you?