The Power of Kind Words

nice words, kind words

Use nice, kind words to create your reality.

Our words create our reality. That is the power of language.


Magicians know this. They say “abracadabra,” which is an Aramaic word meaning “I will create as I speak.” Their words have transformative properties. They then pull a rabbit out of their hat…or disappear. Aramaic, by the way, is the original language of Jesus. And speaking of Jesus…


Christians pray. They pray for good things to happen; they pray for healing. They use their words to communicate with the Divine to ask for what they want. They pray it into being. In same cases, whatever the problem, they have to #prayitaway.

Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers and success coaches use positive affirmations to set and reach goals: Today I joyfully reach my goal of speaking to ten people. Repeating affirmations daily keeps attention and focus on activities that allow them to reach their stated goals.

It doesn’t matter what you call it–magic words, prayer, affirmations–speaking our desires out loud moves our energy and our being closer to attaining what we desire.

Many people spend more time thinking about and talking about what they DON’T want. That’s what worry is–a prayer for what you don’t want. If you’re going to spend time focused on the future, why not think and talk about what you WANT to have happen. Speak whatever that is into being.

Helping Others and Helping Ourselves

If I’m not in a great headspace; if I’m feeling unkind and hypercritical of myself; if I have a hard time focusing on what I do want, I often start thinking of the most important people in my life: my sweetheart, my babies, my folks, my sibs, my friends. Sometimes it’s easier using my words to create a great life for them. I pray for them, their partners and friends, for joy to come their way. I use nice words, kind words.

Once I show kindness to others it’s easier to use nice words on myself and create a kinder reality for all I encounter.

Today I pray that all my words are kind words, nice words. #Amen #abracadabra


Chase Your Dreams: Lead Your Dreams

Chase Your Dreams: Lead Your Dreams

Why follow your dreams when you can chase them? Why chase your dreams when you can lead them?


I like that you can “chase” a dream, as opposed to “follow.” Sometimes followers lag behind; can be thought of as slow. Chasers, on the other hand, move at a faster pace…and when chasing a dream, the faster the better. Most people want to catch a dream quickly.  


But why do either, follow or chase, when you can take charge of the dream and “lead”? Notice I didn’t say “take control,” I said “take charge.” Control is an illusion. We think we have it, but what we really have are “outcomes.” And outcomes happen whether you’re in control or not.


“Leading” is a category and mind-set of its own. Set a direction on a dream, set an intent, and a desired outcome; help propel yourself towards it. Imagine the outcome, see yourself doing the work; let life work with you to help you succeed.



The quicker, the better.  

Leave a Buck Behind

Leave a Buck Behind

I left a dollar last night, on the sink, in the bathroom of the Fort Lauderdale airport.

It’s an experiment of sorts. Although my Sweetheart would argue that it’s not scientific enough. He says the hypothesis itself is extreme and unprovable. There will be no connection and therefore a waste of time.

His theory is that I “just want to spend money.” (How funny; money has nothing to do with it…other than, I’m leaving a buck.)

It’s about karma and luck and paying it forward on a whim. It’s knowing and trusting that when I give without expectation of receiving, just KNOWing that my karma is in good standing, good things will come to me.

Sooooo, that’s the premise. And the task?  Leave a buck behind at the airport and see if good airport karma comes back to me.

But more importantly, my friend Tami West, inspired me to put it into question form. She’s completing her PHd with the study of “how women talk to each other about stress.” So, inspired by that question, and the hypothesis, once again, that a dollar left behind will bring multiple blessing back to me, the question is:

How will I benefit from leaving a dollar behind?

In the category of “being explored”? What financial benefits will I received? Will someone buy me a drink? Will I find a $20 bill lying on the ground? Will I win the airport lottery—the 3 brazillionith (a private joke with crazy co-trainer, Tami West) traveler to pass through the gates?

Will I get a first-class upgrade? A chance to co-pilot the plane? Ok, even I admit that one’s pretty extreme.  But aren’t the possibilities endless? I’m sure they are.

The test lies in relating one thing back to another. How can landing a speaking gig in Paris be triggered by a buck, left behind? I have no idea.

I hope I’m about to find out.