Westjet Christmas Miracle

Westjet Christmas Miracle

Westjet Christmas Cheer

With Christmas 2015 around the corner, I can’t wait to see what the folks at Westjet have in store. It’ll be hard to beat last year’s heart-moving, hope-igniting story, but can’t wait to see them try. Click this link for five minutes of cheer: Westjet Christmas Miracle.

Oh, and if Santa asks me what I want for Christmas? College tuition for the kids. And world peace. 🙂

Leave a Buck Brings Good Travel Karma


Home in Colorado, watching the snow fly from the comfort of my own office chair, I KNOW leaving a buck behind paid off. Over 5200 flights canceled, millions of travelers stranded (plane, trains, and automobiles), 650,000 in the Northeast without power, 15 deaths L … and I made it home. As Nemo, pummeled the East Coast; I made it home. *

Is there a direct correlation? Probably not; but the common law of averages might apply. I was lucky to be training in Texas when the storm went through. Given my travel schedule I could just have easily been on the East Coast at the time. The odds were 50-50. Luck of the schedule-and Mother Nature’s will-found me in Houston.

I flew United out of Houston on a humungous plane and arrived exactly as scheduled at 8:52. I was only minutes from home (about 120 and counting). I’d been gone two weeks and as fabulous as it was, it was time to be home.

Did leaving a buck behind bring good travel karma? Well I know for sure it didn’t hurt!


*  A big shout out to all my peeps on the East Coast. All y’all okay? You dug out yet? Hope you all stayed warm. J

Leave a Buck Behind

Leave a Buck Behind

I left a dollar last night, on the sink, in the bathroom of the Fort Lauderdale airport.

It’s an experiment of sorts. Although my Sweetheart would argue that it’s not scientific enough. He says the hypothesis itself is extreme and unprovable. There will be no connection and therefore a waste of time.

His theory is that I “just want to spend money.” (How funny; money has nothing to do with it…other than, I’m leaving a buck.)

It’s about karma and luck and paying it forward on a whim. It’s knowing and trusting that when I give without expectation of receiving, just KNOWing that my karma is in good standing, good things will come to me.

Sooooo, that’s the premise. And the task?  Leave a buck behind at the airport and see if good airport karma comes back to me.

But more importantly, my friend Tami West, inspired me to put it into question form. She’s completing her PHd with the study of “how women talk to each other about stress.” So, inspired by that question, and the hypothesis, once again, that a dollar left behind will bring multiple blessing back to me, the question is:

How will I benefit from leaving a dollar behind?

In the category of “being explored”? What financial benefits will I received? Will someone buy me a drink? Will I find a $20 bill lying on the ground? Will I win the airport lottery—the 3 brazillionith (a private joke with crazy co-trainer, Tami West) traveler to pass through the gates?

Will I get a first-class upgrade? A chance to co-pilot the plane? Ok, even I admit that one’s pretty extreme.  But aren’t the possibilities endless? I’m sure they are.

The test lies in relating one thing back to another. How can landing a speaking gig in Paris be triggered by a buck, left behind? I have no idea.

I hope I’m about to find out.