Ready? Let’s Go!

I’m a self-professed cosmic cheerleader: a conduit with a can-do-it attitude. I strive daily to find the positive in all of life’s situations, to find new ways to interpret and enjoy the adventure. People are the common denominator, but there are no common people. Each one has a story, and I’ve been blessed to hear many as I’ve traveled and trained business professionals in all 50 states. For information on keynotes and workshop go to LindeeBrauerAndCompany.com. But before you do, check out my three books, Barf Bag WisdomGrab Bag Wisdom, and Douchebag Wisdom, and of course, my blog.

This book is about Donald Trump: the incompetent, vicious, and vile Donald Trump. But it’s more than that.

This book is about your reaction to Donald Trump.

When you can’t hold it in any longer, and what’s bothering you needs to come out, you need to read Barf Bag Wisdom. Learn the lesson, get the relief, and a healthy chuckle or two.

Life is like a grab bag–each day bringing us surprises. Some days you get good surprises, and other days you get the gag gift! Learn to enjoy each day, no matter what you find inside the bag today.