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rainy day at airport A rainy day delay helps grow patience.

I try too hard sometimes. Like right now. I’m trying to get home.

If I had just waited the weather out, I’d probably be boarding my Seattle flight to Denver right now, arriving home by 5. Well, land at 5:00 which puts me home at 7 p.m. But instead, I listened to the Weather Channel, got a 30 minute flight delay notice, checked Raindar, saw a HUGE storm over Seattle.

Then I read of tornados in Portland, checked Raindar again, boarded my flight to Seattle just to be grounded for an hour and a half and then dumped in the terminal to wait it out. After checking Raindar again, I called Travel.

Thanks goodness I have a go-to person at the office; I didn’t have to stand behind fifty other people trying to find a different way out. John swiftly and graciously got me down the road 90 miles to the closest airport, and a guaranteed flight to Salt Lake City, then home to Denver, arriving by 10 p.m. Weather looked good. It was guaranteed.

So now I’m at the Pasco airport, waiting, watching the planes go by, listening to their Seattle flight being called, and wondering, would I be on that Seattle-to-Denver flight home right now, if I hadn’t been proactive and found myself a different route home.

¯_( )_/¯

Who knows. I should stop trying so hard, pushing so much. I think that’s the “lesson,” if there is one.

I seldom sit down and enjoy, relax, just be. I’m doing something 90% of the time I’m not sleeping. That usually involves pushing hard to make money to pay the bills. I need to let more come to me. I’d better reread the book The Law of Attraction, by Ester and Jerry Hicks.

In lieu of that, I’m just going to sit here awhile, very still, very quiet and think good thoughts. Okay, first I’m going to finish this blog, then sit here, very quietly, thinking good thoughts. I’m going to slow down, enjoy the travel day, and get home when I get home. There is no problem I have to deal with, everyone is taken care of, my sweetheart is waiting for me. And he’ll be there when I get there.

Hmmm, maybe being proactive and pushing too hard wasn’t such a bad thing. It gave me time to sit down and write after all, and that always helps me let the good in.

Oh, I just heard someone say their flight was cancelled into Seattle earlier today and now they are waiting for another!

Vindicated!!! Keep on pushin’!


Douche Bag Wisdom

Douche Bags, we all know one, if we're lucky. Most of us know more than one.

People can be "difficult" and relationships complicated, but we learn and grow if we hang with them long enough to figure out the "lesson." Let me give you a hint: it's not about them; it's about YOU!

Douche Bags make us intensely and passionately hate them. They cross our boundaries, push our buttons, and generally don't care about offending our feelings. They seem self-serving and crass but in reality they upset us because there's "something" for us to consider. Maybe we're upset with them because they're saying or doing something we did. We can judge the behavior in someone else when we couldn't see it in ourselves. Instead of being upset, let the emotion transform you, reconnect you, and catapult you into a stronger sense of self and clarity of purpose. Even if it's a reminder NOT to be a douche, there is a lesson to learn.

All events in life happen "for" us as well as "to" us. They are what we label them: good, bad, all shades of gray. The challenge is to twist others' negative thoughts and behaviors into new beliefs and attitudes that we carry into all of our relationships with class, grace, and humor.

The frustration and anger that douche bags bring can lead to clarity and understanding, and it can happen in an instant, with a change of thought or a shift in perspective. Or a glance in the mirror.

Douche Bag Wisdom shares the lesson and the laughter.

Stay tuned; book coming soon.




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Happy trails!


Lindee Brauer


Doggie Bag Wisdom

Hi, I'm Winston! Life's good when you're left holding the bag--especially when it's a doggie bag!

Learn life's lessons using wisdom from me and my canine friends. And a kitten or two, too.

Stay tuned; book coming soon. Woof!

Ready? Let's Go!

I'm a self-professed cosmic cheerleader: a conduit with a can-do-it attitude. I strive daily to find the positive in all of life's situations, to find new ways to interpret and enjoy the adventure. People are the common denominator, but there are no common people. Each one has a story, and I've been blessed to hear many as I've traveled and trained business professionals in all 50 states. For information on keynotes and workshop go to LindeeBrauerAndCompany.com. But before you do, check out my two books, Barf Bag Wisdom and Grab Bag Wisdom, and of course, my blog.

When you can't hold it in any longer, and what's bothering you needs to come out, you need to read Barf Bag Wisdom. Learn the lesson, get the relief, and a healthy chuckle or two.

Life is like a grab bag--each day bringing us surprises. Some days you get good surprises, and other days you get the gag gift! Learn to enjoy each day, no matter what you find inside the bag today.

Douche Bags, we all know one! Sometimes we are one!! People can be “difficult” and relationships complicated, but we learn and grow, if we're willing to look in the mirror.

Hi, I'm Winston! Life's good when you're left holding the bag--especially when it's a doggie bag! Learn life's lessons using wisdom from me and my canine friends. And a kitten or two, too.