Adventures of a Corporate Gypsy

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Life is hard; it’s not all happy trails and rainbows, as much as we’d like it to be. Fear and anger and sadness are normal parts of everyday living. If you’ve been on the planet long enough, you’ve experienced them. The darker emotions, I call them. But as difficult as they are to experience and work through I’ve found true healing in the times of greatest turmoil.

I don’t go looking for upset–don’t get me wrong! I prefer when life is low-key and uneventful: I like peace and quiet. But when bad things happen, or “challenges” as the optimists prefer, it’s a test of character to find the silver lining. After all, what could be more optimistic than a hopeful, positive attitude? A “Let’s see what this brings” attitude?

For those things that really weigh on us and bring us down. We’ve got to learn to Let Go! Let…it…go. Easier said than done, of course I know. And here’s my trick. To truly let go you have to stop obsessing on the thing that is bringing you pain, that thing you need to leave behind. But because energy is so hard to leave behind, the better phrase is “Let’s Go!”

Just the phrase “Let’s Go!” is filled with positive energy–moving forward. Energy perfect for moving on. No looking back at what’s been bringing you down. Just happy, hopeful energy, movin’ on. Destination? You decide!

Can you feel it? Then, let’s go! Because right now the world needs saving! Women’s rights are under assault. LGBTQ people are under assault. Immigrants, African Americans, Native Americans–anyone who is not male, white or Christian is under assault. 

With kindness and love, we must step up and protect others. If you want to know more about the fight for Democracy and Civil Rights, read my 2020 Voters’ Guide: Fight Like a Lady and One Mad Mother


Lindee Brauer