Barf Bag Wisdom

When What's Inside Must Come Out!

You’ve held it down and held it down ’til you just can’t anymore; it has to come out! Feelings, emotions, and thoughts are like that. Sometimes they tumble out, whether we want them to or not. And after they do we usually feel so much better–as long as we don’t puke on someone else.

Then comes wisdom…understanding.

Barf Bag Wisdom is a metaphor for all life’s turmoils and joys: a tribute to when you just can’t hold back. It was written on actual barf bags as I traveled the US training, teaching, and motivating others. It’s an eclectic, entertaining compilation of wisdom, some of it learned the hard way.

This book if for those on their own path to self discovery. I aspire to uplift, enlighten, and most of all to make you laugh. Laugh at yourself, each other, and life.

After all…LAUGH stands for Let’s All Universally Get High.