Douche Bag Wisdom

Douche Bag Wisdom

Douche Bags, we all know one, if we're lucky. Most of us know more than one.

People can be "difficult" and relationships complicated, but we learn and grow if we hang with them long enough to figure out the "lesson." Let me give you a hint: it's not about them; it's about YOU!

Douche Bags make us intensely and passionately hate them. They cross our boundaries, push our buttons, and generally don't care about offending our feelings. They seem self-serving and crass but in reality they upset us because there's "something" for us to consider. Maybe we're upset with them because they're saying or doing something we did. We can judge the behavior in someone else when we couldn't see it in ourselves. Instead of being upset, let the emotion transform you, reconnect you, and catapult you into a stronger sense of self and clarity of purpose. Even if it's a reminder NOT to be a douche, there is a lesson to learn.

All events in life happen "for" us as well as "to" us. They are what we label them: good, bad, all shades of gray. The challenge is to twist others' negative thoughts and behaviors into new beliefs and attitudes that we carry into all of our relationships with class, grace, and humor.

The frustration and anger that douche bags bring can lead to clarity and understanding, and it can happen in an instant, with a change of thought or a shift in perspective. Or a glance in the mirror.

Douche Bag Wisdom shares the lesson and the laughter.

Stay tuned; book coming soon.