Douche Bag Wisdom

Douchebag Wisdom: Dealing with Donald Trump

This book is about Donald Trump: the incompetent, vicious, and vile Donald Trump.

But it’s more than that.

This book is about your reaction to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been spewing lies and marginalizing people since he announced his candidacy for President. His four years in office ended with a million dead Americans from his botched response to the pandemic. He invited his followers to Washington, whipped them up, then pointed them to the Capitol. His motive was to stop the peaceful transfer of power on January 6th and remain President. He belongs in prison. For this and countless other crimes. He’s evil wrapped in a crusty faux-gold veneer. 

Trump is every movie villain I grew up with, hence the following mash-ups:

Trumpzilla, TrumpFace, Trumpenstein, DarthTrump, the Grand Nagus Trump, Biff Trump, Scut Trump, Grinch Trump, Scrooge Trump and King Dong.

Learn about Trump’s policies told through storylines and narratives that make it make sense. Sorta. Because confusion is the point!

This slightly humorous and darn right tragic (because it’s true) read will help you see Trump through different eyes. It tries to make sense of how this all leads to a better world. And it begins with kindness. And listening. And forgiveness, and understanding, and moving on, and improving. That’s what this book is about. How to deal with douchebags without becoming one yourself.