Star Trek Your Pet


Star Trek Your Pet with Kirk and Spock Costumes!

Is your pet part of the crew? Of course they are–and they deserve the uniform to prove it! If not for daily wear, great on a chilly day or for Halloween dress-up. Officially licensed by Star Trek. Available in all sizes, Beagles to Bernese. Get the Captain Kirk Costume. Get the Spock Costume. @$30

Whether you lean Kirk or Spock, cat or dog (no preference implied), there are many Star Trek pet products for you and your pet to enjoy. Here is a list of my favorites. Yes, they are affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases (at no additional cost to you). I’ve spent some time compiling it and I hope you find just the perfect item for your pet!

Safety first! This gold and black Star Trek Dog Collar assures your pet can boldly go exploring without the fear of being lost. Nylon, plastic, and rubber with buckle closure. Adjustable for all size dog.  @$20 Matching Star Trek Leashes available. 

Your pet needs a bandana–and NOT just to make them look chic. The Star Trek Bandanas are practical for pets and parents alike. Use for wet clean-ups or in case of an emergency. These cotton-poly blends are customized: choose from 13 different insignias in nine colors. And personalized up to 8 characters. Get a matching set for dog, cat and yourself! @$10

Check out this adorable Starship Warp Drive Chew Toy! What pup wouldn’t want to play with this? About 12″ with durable braided nylon rope–and squeakers! Collars, leashes, bowls and beds also available. @$30

Maybe this Star Trek Planetary Disaster Rope Toy is better suited to your pet. I’m not too excited about the name–no need for a planetary disaster to enjoy this toy! Includes interlocking ropes and squeaker, approximately 7″ in diameter. @$15


And now for some CAT LOVE!

Give your feline friend a little nippy with these Star Trek Organic Catnip Cat Toys. Wool-felt pouches are stuffed with catnip and buckwheat hulls and handsewn in Oregon. Choose command gold, science blue, or engineering red delta. @$5 

Imagine how styling your cat will be with their own Star Trek Kirk and Spock Cat Enamel Pins. They can wear them on their bandanas! Or you could wear the set on your collar. A cute, unusual way for you to share your love of cats and Star Trek! @$15

Your cat probably doesn’t need a calendar but you certainly do. Here are our favorite cats of Star Trek in calendar form. Choose from Star Trek Cats 2023 or Star Trek Cats 2024. Every day you’ll be reminded to “feed them and tell them they are good and are pretty.” (Paraphrased from Data, the Next Gen series.) @$20

Last but not least: a tribute to our newest feline friend, Grudge, from Star Trek Discovery.

“Sharper than a claw and more stunning than a phaser blast, The Book of Grudge’s Prime Directive features her take on everything from space travel to the proper care and training of an array of alien species.” Your cat just might enjoy the stories–if they are a reader. 😉  @$15

Live long and prosper, Queen Grudge!

There you have it; a few cute ideas on how to Star Trek your pet. Stay safe, have fun and continue to boldly go with a furry companion or two by your side. 


Captain Brauer, Starship Providence